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Update Your Solo PR Pro Toolkit

In 2020 our lives have been upended multiple times. The practice of public relations has not changed, but it is time to update the Solo PR Pro tool kit for our “now normal”. Get serious about signatures. Be meticulous about having signed agreements before you start work. The …

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When the Bones are Good

There is nothing like a crisis to reveal the strength (or weakness) of a foundation. Crisis shines a light in the darkest corners of your organization and reveals if your structure will go the distance or is in need of repair. A crisis is also the ultimate test of a leader’s skills and the greatest opportunity for growth.

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Pivot to the Positive

My good friend and leadership coach, Dr. Lori Baker Schena, advises leaders to “pivot to the positive.” More than a pithy quote or dose of “rah-rah” inspiration, it is an active, intentional choice to design the way forward. This year has taught us bad things …