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This group is by far the best investment I've made for my business.
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Solo PR PRO Premium is made up of mostly senior-level independents who are very willing to share their experiences. I’ve been highly impressed by the level of knowledge and quick responses.

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-Kia Jarmon, MEPR Agency

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Want to make an extra $10,000+ this year? It could be easier than you think! From the special “Show Me the Money” series of ebooks, which share our foolproof formula for charging the maximum, to advice from your fellow members on your unique situation, membership in Solo PR PRO helps you get paid what you deserve.

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Top PR veteran consultants provide personalized 1:1 advice every day in our private Facebook group. Because Solo PR Pro Premium is for members only, we can share tips and advice we’d never say publicly! Whether you’re looking for the straight skinny on whether you should get rid of a lame client or you want to know what others would charge for a particular project, never feel stuck again.

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Money saved is money earned, and Solo PR PRO Premium helps you do more of both. From key PR tools to discounts on in-person events, save thousands of dollars on products and services you need.

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How many hours do you spend researching and deciding how to word your proposals, manage clients or structure your business? Our resources include sample language you can copy and paste right into your business critical documents (from proposals to contracts to new client questionnaires), and road-tested templates you can start using immediately.

Jump Start

Still deciding whether to go solo or just starting out? Congratulations on taking this exciting step! Solo PR PRO Premium gives you the advantage of learning from others, so you don’t have to figure it all out the hard way. This relatively small investment up front can pay off huge dividends for you long-term.

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In addition to the members-only new business leads, raise your visibility via our Public Listings and find new opportunities to collaborate with your fellow members. We also offer educational materials where you can learn how to easily add new services that can yield thousands of dollars in new revenue streams!

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