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About Solo PR Pro

Solo PR Pro is a professional membership community for professionals working in public relations, communications and related fields. We began as a blog in 2008, and in 2009 added a weekly Twitter Chat, that became one of the longest running chats. In 2011, we began testing a new membership site and officially launched it in 2012.

Our community was designed for the independent practitioner but we now count microagencies, small teams, and even one-person in-house departments among our community. Some of our members begin as true solos and then scale their business and we are here to support every facet of the journey.

Our membership community is truly our superpower and the most popular benefit of Solo PR Pro. Our members are active, engaged, tight knit and generous with knowledge. Our members only Facebook group is a safe, confidential place to discuss the highs and lows of this Solo life. Members truly help members by answering questions, providing insight from their experiences and offering support when needed. Many of our members have even teamed up on projects.

In addition to our membership community, we have an enviable library of resources. Do you have a question about winning or managing clients? Curious how to price a service or project? Or maybe you have a “how do I” that you are not sure where to get the answer. Solo PR Pro has a decade of answers to your questions. Chances are if you ask it, we have answered it! Our content library includes ebooks, templates, videos, webinars and advice from the member braintrust.

Our motto is “Leave no solo behind.” So if you’re a Solo, you don’t have to do it alone. We have an army of support waiting for you!

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