That Solo Life Podcast Celebrates 200th Episode

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That Solo Life Podcast Celebrates 200th Episode

May 23, 2023 | PR Updates

That Solo Life Podcast Celebrates 200th Episode

May 23, 2023 | PR Updates

This week we published our 200th episode of That Solo Life podcast! As we celebrate this milestone, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at our Top 10 podcast episodes of all time. 

10. A Conversation with OnePitch Co-Founder Jered Martin

Jered Martin, the co-founder and chief operations officer of OnePitch joined us on the show to talk about how his “ for PR pros” can help our earned media activities. Tune in and hear from this innovative founder that provided a new way to support public relations professionals.

9. Free Yourself from the Grind

In this episode we remind you of the freedom you have as a solo. Working as a solo gives you the opportunity to do the work you love and create the life that is right for you. To truly enjoy this freedom means we need to take the time to set up some structure and systems.

8. Steak, Sizzle, and Service

What makes your customer service sizzle? In this episode we discuss how you can bring even more value to client engagements with great customer service.

7. Time-saving Tips

“Work smarter, not harder” is one of our many mottos at Solo PR Pro. Part of that equation is to make the most of our time. This episode was dedicated to our favorite time-saving tips.

6. Mind(set) Over Matter

As solos, we spend a lot of time with the thoughts in our heads. It’s important to make sure what we’re thinking about, and how we are thinking, is productive, positive, and sustaining. It’s a key component to our success. Tracey Piechocki, marketing strategist and second-generation owner of Illustrated Designs, a certified woman-owned small business, sat down to share how she and her team have leveraged a healthy mindset to succeed. 

5.Tricks, Treats and PR 

Trick or treat? Karen and Michelle talked about the tricks and treats of what’s been happening in the communications field and the PR biz. Enter if you dare!

4. Setting Expectations 

Gaining media placements is never a sure thing, especially in the current landscape. This  episode tackled the best ways to set client expectations and why it’s important to keep our clients updated along the way.

3. Here After

We solos are planners. But how many of us have made known our end of life wishes? These tasks can be daunting, but Leslie Jennings Rowley, aka “The Death Lady,” founder of  Hereafter Partners shares how we can make the end of life process less worrisome and conversations about death, dying, and aging more normalized in today’s society. 

2. Talking Financial Strategies with Andrew Shapowal of Canon Capital Management Group

With all of the current economic uncertainties, Solos have every right to be on edge. We checked in with Andrew Shapowal,  Senior Accountant and Digital Asset Specialist with Canon Capital Management Group, on hot button financial topics such as retirement, kids going to college and how to keep your head above water when prices keep rising.

1. Managing Difficult Client Conversations

This has been our most popular episode so far and it deals with the dreaded awkward conversation. We’re not talking about making small talk at a networking event, but the difficult client conversations that all PR pros face as part of their work. Tune in and grab some tips on how to handle these situations with ease. 

We have learned a lot since the very first episode, and we are committed to continue to grow, learn, and deliver content that guides and inspires our community. Thank you for listening and please spread the word! We have so much more in store for you, and look forward to the next big milestone.

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Photo via Unsplash by: Adi Goldstein

Written By Karen Swim
Karen Swim is the President of Solo PR and Founder of public relations agency, Words For Hire.