Your Guide to the Challenging Client

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Your Guide to the Challenging Client

Your Guide to the Challenging Client

Clients are the best – except when they aren't. For your reference when you're out “in the wild,” the following infographic offers a fun guide to the challenging variety, including  look at what to look for, and how to handle.

Thanks to the folks at Ciplex, a digital marketing and creative agency, for sharing. How many of these client types have you encountered? Do you agree with the suggested “care and feeding” instructions? Let us know in the comments!

Source: via Kellye on Pinterest

Written By Jennifer Spivak


  1. I must say I’m lucky to have great clients, but I once had a MAJOR case of ‘I don’t know what I want, but it isn’t that’. Definitely moved on from that client quickly.

    I feel like I saw more of the other problem-clients types when I was in-house serving internal customers than now that I’m a freelancer! I agree with most of the instructions, though I really dislike ‘remind the client that you have other clients’. While true, I want wonderful, reasonable clients that have the general experience that they are my one and only. 🙂

  2. Your clients are lucky to have you, Marlene! Perhaps a better way to handle “Mr. Everything’s an Emergency” is to counsel him on why it’s not really an emergency, and let him know that you’ll have it done by X date. I think this client type is often worked up because they’re getting heat from their own superiors, so if you respond via email in language they can forward, it helps them chill out. 🙂