Wisdom of #solopr Chatters

The November 11 edition of the #solopr Twitter chat took on a life of its own (as all good chats do). We tackled tough topics, including the extent to which agency experience is helpful to Solo PR Pros, and whether PRSA membership is useful to an independent practitioner. Multiple viewpoints were expressed on all sides (always respectful), and some participants were persuaded to change their minds.

Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, we don’t have a full transcript of the entire session in one place. What the Hashtag has the second half of the chat available (also here in PDF), and for historical purposes I’ve attempted to cobble together the first half using screen captures from Twitter Search (available for download in PDF). I suppose this is a good reminder to all of us not to take the  transcripts for granted – join us live if you can. Anyone with a Twitter account is welcome to join us each Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. Eastern!

A special thanks to this week’s top contributors:

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