What 2020 has taught Solo PR Pros

In 2020, we have been faced (some would say assaulted) with frequent upheavals and changes  causing us to adapt and pivot faster than we ever believed possible. It has been disconcerting, sometimes heartbreaking and exhausting. While we all are eager for this weird year that feels like a decade to end, there are positive lessons that can help us move forward in the now normal. 

Connection. Through this crisis we learned how important it is to connect with other human beings. Solo PR Pros often work on their own but sheltering in place gave a new meaning to working alone.  With restrictions in place, we lost the face-to-face interactions that broke up working on our own. Even the most introverted craved human interaction. While we all suffered “zoom fatigue” from work meetings, we enjoyed connecting with colleagues, friends, families and community via video. As we move forward it is important to remember the importance of connection. We should be intentional about seeking out interaction and collaboration. As we have learned, it is so much better to solo when you don’t have to do it alone.

Time. During the pandemic, the days melted into one another. We lost the anchors that defined one day (or month!) from the other, but also learned something from timelessness. The value of our time was heightened and we began to appreciate allocating pieces of our schedule to family and self-care. We also experienced the reality that schedules can be fluid.  During the crisis that sometimes led to us working more, we can use that fluidity to our advantage. Many balanced homeschooling and family responsibilities and simply worked when work was possible. Conventions gave way to convenience, but work got done. It is possible to shape your business in a way that fits you and your life. We sometimes forget that as we pace ourselves to match the rest of the culture, but in doing so, we lose a bit of freedom that we craved in starting our own business. 

Resilience. This year tested us in ways that we could not have imagined. We faced sickness, death, racial unrest and economic uncertainty. There were days that we felt like curling up in a ball (and days that we did), yet we found a way to go on. 2020 pushed us to the ground and kicked us while we were down, but we fought back and we are still standing. There is something about facing the unfathomable that makes you stronger and braver. You are surviving this year, you can do anything.

We would love to hear from you. What lessons have you learned this year? Share in the comments below or tag @solopr on social media.

Photo: Karen Swim