Top Challenges Facing Solo Pros

2014 Solo PR SummitWhen you make the leap to a solo career, you don’t have to go it alone. While independent pros may not have on-site coworkers, we have the opportunity to tap into our Solo PR Pro colleagues’ broad diversity of experiences and perspectives – a pool of talent from wide-ranging industries and disciplines that reach far beyond what you’d find in most traditional work environments.

Resources like our weekly #solopr Twitter chat and the private Facebook group for Solo PR Pro Premium members offer a daily virtual break room, where someone is always there to offer advice, share a laugh and reveal lessons learned.  In one week, we’ll take the virtual to real-world as indies from near and far gather at the 2014 Solo PR Summit in Atlanta.

With an all-star line-up of speakers, it is not surprising that independent pros are packing up to attend this two day conference. But what do they hope to learn? Below are some of the top questions community members tell us they’re looking forward to getting answered at next week’s summit:

  • What tactics produce measurable ROI on social media? I have heard the fluff and hype but what really works?
  • How can I use content marketing effectively to rise above the noise?
  • All the Google changes are confusing, what do I really need to know and how does it impact my work with clients?
  • I love being independent but the notion of “selling” makes me queasy. Can I succeed as a solo if I don’t like business development?
  • I am ready to take the next step but I don’t know where to start. How can I grow my solo business without adding employees or turning into a big agency?
  • How do I prove my value to clients? I’m working hard but I’m not sure that my clients get what I’m really providing.
  • What do you do about bloggers who feel they have a right to be paid to run a story? Is there a way to get coverage if you don’t have a budget (and how can you make sure things are done ethically)?
  • I don’t really understand how social business works, and it seems to make it harder for independent consultants to work with large enterprises. Are there opportunities there for solos like us?
  • Facebook’s constant changes to its ad platform are driving me crazy! My clients look to me to manage their Facebook page – what do I need to know to make the most of their presence and spend their limited budget wisely?
  • How can I best use the limited time I have for new business development to actually land clients?
  • I know measurement is important, but so many of the tools for capturing online metrics are too expensive for my clients. How can independent consultants capture and report real results?
  • I'm good at public relations — I'm not as good at client management. How can I keep them from walking all over me?
  • There are only so many hours in the day — how do I know where to focus my efforts so I can be as profitable as possible?
  • Is it too late to register for the Summit? (No, tickets are still available! Register here.)

How about you? If you’re attending the Solo PR Summit, what questions are you looking to get answered?  Let us know in the comments, and if you can’t make it in person, stay tuned for key takeaways and learnings in our re-cap post later this month!