Tool School Series: Find the Tools to Build Your Consulting Business

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Tool School

Tool School Series: Find the Tools to Build Your Consulting Business

Tool School Series: Find the Tools to Build Your Consulting Business

Tool SchoolIt’s hard to believe, but the back-to-school season is upon us. There’s the excitement of starting new classes, getting new outfits, and buying school supplies. Fortunately, as adults we can enjoy the fun and excitement of learning without a dress code. In August, Solo PR Pro will go back to school with a series of posts we're dubbing Tool School.

With so many services vying for our attention, it can be hard to get out of the starting blocks – there's always more to learn about tools for veterans and newbies alike. Designed to fight overwhelm, our Tool School posts will offer specific recommendations for services that are cost-effective for indies, and aren’t enterprise-focused overkill for our needs.

The Tool School series includes:

  • Ultimate Guide to PR Productivity Tools  – Kick it into high gear with our top recommendations for tools that can help you be more efficient, effective, and shave time off your tasks.
  • 54 tools for PR and Digital Success – Solo PR Pros regularly compete with the big guys for clients – and win. These tools help put you on a level playing field with your much larger counterparts.
  • The Best Tools For Consultants to Manage and Promote Your Business – Don’t just tap into the services that can help you with your client work! Take advantage of these tools for everything from invoicing and time tracking to marketing your services.
  • How to Smartly – and Cheaply – Automate Routine Social Media Posts – We don't endorse blanket or overdone automation of social media updates. But there are some messages that call for some degree of scheduling (a new blog post, for example). Automating the routine updates frees up your time to actually interact with your community in a meaningful way. Many scheduling tools are out of reach for indie consultants, but this post will reveal two road-tested, inexpensive methods that really work.

We’re looking forward to going back to school with you – no number 2 pencils required!  Make sure you don't miss out – click here to get updates via RSS, and sign up for our email newsletter below.

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Written By Kellye Crane
Kellye Crane is the founder of Solo PR Pro, which provides the tools, education, advocacy and community resources needed for indies to succeed and grow. She's a veteran and award-winning communicator with more than 20 years of experience - 19 of them solo.

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