Time management, monitoring and more

This week’s #solopr Twitter chat was once again jam-packed with helpful tips. New and established PR consultants alike offered insights on the following topics:

  1. When budgets are small, what methods do you use to track clips (both online and print)?
  2. How do you “fire” a difficult client without being seen as responsible for the “challenges” of the situations they created?
  3. How do you approach the “can I pick your brain for free” question?
  4. How do you organize your time? With social media and other disruptions, how do you block out your day?

As a follow-on to the first question, there's a discussion on the Solo PR Pros LinkedIn Group listing all of the monitoring tools from the chat – join the group and add your favorites to the list!

And be sure to check out the entire Twitter chat transcript in pdf for sage advice addressing these issues of interest to all independent PR consultants.

Have you encountered any of the situations we addressed? For those unable to participate in the Twitter chat, what would you add to the discussion?

The #solopr chat – held each Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. Eastern – is a weekly ritual for some of the most savvy Solo PR Pros on Twitter. Anyone with a Twitter account is welcome to participate – see the Join Us for the #solopr Chat on Twitter post to find out how!