This just in: Monday is Labor Day

Here’s a public service announcement: Monday (September 3, 2012) is the Labor Day holiday in the U.S. Had you lost track of that fact? You’re not alone. As solo PR pros, we often forget about non-religious holidays, or see them only as opportunities to get ahead on our work – while the rest of the world is out barbequing.

This year, take stock and ask yourself – do you need to give summer one last hurrah?

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like there’s an unusual level of crankiness in the air. Perhaps the charged discourse around the upcoming U.S. elections have people especially on edge, or maybe I’m just noticing inconsequential arguments more, since I’m still riding the stormy seas of a family crisis (which tends to put things in perspective).

So this year, I’ll gladly be taking Labor Day – the celebration of the American worker – off (after all, who works harder than we solos?). I’ll unplug, try to relax, and prepare my brain and spirit for some of the exciting Solo PR Pro announcements we have on the way in September.

Who’s with me?!