The Art of Selling for Communication Professionals

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The Art of Selling for Communication Professionals

Aug 29, 2023 | Living the Life

The Art of Selling for Communication Professionals

Aug 29, 2023 | Living the Life

If you're a communications professional, you already have a knack for conveying messages. But when it comes to identifying, selling, and closing high-value business deals, it's a whole different ball game – especially if you don't consider yourself a natural-born salesperson. Read on for actionable tips tailored for professionals just like you to conquer the world of sales:

Leverage Your Expertise

Before diving into sales tactics, remember you're not selling a product; you're selling a solution. As a PR and communications professional, your expertise lies in storytelling. Translate this into your pitch. The story isn’t about you or your company, but about how you can solve a specific problem for the client.

Research and Identify Prospects

  • Listen Actively: Attend webinars, workshops, and networking events. Listen more than you speak and identify common problems businesses face that you can address.
  • Leverage Social Media: LinkedIn is your best friend. It offers a goldmine of information about potential clients and their needs.
  • Analyze Your Network: Sometimes, high-value business opportunities lie within your existing network. Past clients, colleagues, or even friends might need your services or know someone who does.

Tailored Solutions

Once you've identified a potential client, research their business thoroughly. Understand their target audience, challenges, and goals. Tailor your pitch to present a solution that aligns with their unique needs.

Confidence is Key, Not Aggressiveness 

Remember, there's a fine line between being assertive and aggressive. As someone not naturally inclined towards sales, you might feel the need to overcompensate by being overly aggressive. Resist the urge. Instead, trust in your ability to provide value and let your expertise shine through.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more pitches you make, the more comfortable and adept you'll become at selling. Practice with colleagues, friends, or even in front of a mirror. Get feedback and continuously refine your approach.

Show Genuine Interest

Ask open-ended questions to understand their concerns and needs better. By showing genuine curiosity, you build trust, which is the foundation of any successful business relationship.

Address Concerns Proactively

Potential clients might have reservations. Anticipate these and address them head-on in your pitch. Demonstrating foresight can help assuage doubts.

Follow Up, But Don’t Stalk

If a prospect doesn’t make a decision immediately, it’s okay. Send a thoughtful follow-up email or call a few days later. However, if they don’t show interest after two or three touchpoints, it’s best to move on.

Celebrate Small Wins

Each step, from getting a foot in the door to closing the deal, is progress. Celebrate these moments as they come. It will boost your confidence and morale.

Never Stop Learning 

The communication and PR landscape is ever-evolving. Stay updated on tools, and techniques. The more knowledgeable you are, the better positioned you'll be to offer value.

While the world of sales may seem daunting, remember that as a communication professional you have a unique edge. You know how to connect, empathize, and communicate effectively. Use these strengths to your advantage, and you'll find that selling high-value business opportunities is not as challenging as it might seem.

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Written By Karen Swim
Karen Swim is the President of Solo PR and Founder of public relations agency, Words For Hire.