Spin Sucks – But You Don’t Have To

spin sucks bookCan you clearly articulate the difference between paid, earned, owned, and shared media, and how to capitalize on each? Do you know how to use your love of reading fiction for better storytelling in your day job? If you know you (or your clients) could use a primer on the evolved landscape of modern public relations, but the thought of reading yet another dry, academic-style tome is more than you can stand, the new Spin Sucks book, from Gini Dietrich (founder of the popular blog of the same name), is a quick read with enough fun and spice to hold your interest.

I received a review copy of Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age, which started shipping this week, and when my professor husband saw it he said in an amusingly shocked tone, “Well, that’s an interesting title! What does it mean?” It means that for far too long, public relations professionals have been thought of as “spin doctors.” “Spin” is really just another word for lying, and even if a minority of PR people were able to get away with it in the past, it has no room in today’s open communications environment. Hopefully that’s an explanation my friend Gini would like. J

With topics ranging from how to “tell your story without sex or extortion” to dealing with “trolls, critics and detractors,” Spin Sucks offers practical and current information and advice. One of my favorite sections is on creating calls to action, and in a highly useful example it details 14 different tactics you could use to promote one webinar. I have it bookmarked for future use!

If you’re planning to buy the book, Gini is giving away $200 worth of free webinars if you purchase by tomorrow (Saturday, April 5) and email her the receipt (details here), so don't wait. Spin Sucks is now available on Amazon in paperback.