Songs to Solo By


We've added many new recruits to the Solo PR Pro army since we first published these playlists in 2011, and with everyone in the U.S. still recovering from eating too much turkey, now seems like the perfect time for a pick-me-up! We're re-sharing this post so everyone can enjoy, and if there are any recent solo-centric tracks we should add to the list just let us know in the comments.

Need to get pumped up for that big presentation or new business call? Having a moment where you want to appreciate the freedoms of being independent? For these occasions and more, we now have our own playlist!

Just for fun, checkout the Go Solos! list on Spotify, and if you're looking to become a PR consultant, there's also a playlist specifically designed to help get you geared up: Take the Leap.

If you don't have Spotify yet, you can listen for free online. Some of the songs on these playlists have meaning, while others are just to give us some energy on days when we need it. My music tastes are eclectic (to say the least), so feel free to build your own playlist using some of these songs and share it in the comments below.

Do you have favorite songs for when you need a pick-me-up? Let us know in the comments, and we'll add the community suggestions.