Solo PR Twitter Chat: Data Privacy, Social Media and Summer Business Development

The long-running #solopr Twitter chat is a popular chat for independent and small business pros in public relations, communications, social media and related fields. Join us for the next chat on Tuesday, June 5  at 1 pm Eastern as we cover any remaining questions about GDPR compliance and talk about our plans for business development over the summer. Below are the questions that we will be discussing during the June 5 #solopr Twitter chat.


Q1: The GDPR compliance deadline has come and gone. How did you work toward compliance for your clients and for your own business?

Q2: Is GDPR going to affect how your clients do business online? What are you/they anticipating?

Q3: In wake of GDPR, are your clients having more discussions about data and privacy?

Q4: Are your clients still using Facebook for business?

Q5: Have recent privacy concerns & scandals shifted how your clients view social media?

Q6: Switching gears to business development – summer can bring a change of pace to our days and our business. How does your workload change?

Q7: What are your goals for business development this summer? Networking? Working on your business (planning content, etc.)?

Q8: What kind of new business development tactics are you planning (or want to) to try this summer?

Q9:  Are you planning to take a business retreat this summer? Whether a few days on your own or as has recently been discussed in our @SoloPRPro member Facebook group, a group retreat with fellow consultants, what’s on deck for you?

Q10: What’s your #solopr beach read for this summer?

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If there are questions on the list that you'd like to ask, let us know in the comments! You can also submit your question on Twitter in a message or DM to @ SoloPR and we’ll be happy to add it to the chat. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, June 5 at 1 pm ET!