Solo PR Pros Make the PR Industry Stronger

When PRSA asked me to participate in their series “12 Trends That Will Change Public Relations in 2012,” I saw it as an opportunity to expose the uninitiated to the benefits of working with a Solo PR Pro. In “Solo PR Pros — The Profession’s Secret Weapon,” I lay out why I believe the “new normal” of our changed global economy and the evolving requirements of our profession mean that independent PR consultants will play an even greater role moving forward.

I’m always honored to have an opportunity to spread the word about the level of experience, professionalism, and expertise available in the Solo PR Pro community. I truly believe 2012 is the year the majority of those who purchase and hire public relations services will recognize that we’re all strengthened by the availability of top notch talent on a contract basis. It’s my mission to have this as part of the legacy of this blog – you all deserve it!

Do you agree with my premise? Was there anything I missed? Please share your thoughts in the comments!