Solo PR Community: Be My Valentine

I'm not an overly sentimental gal. I don't like chick flicks, I hate syrupy pop songs, and I rarely cry without good reason. But one thing makes me breakout in sappy declarations on a regular basis: the Solo PR community.

Lately, I've been awash in mushy feelings toward the Solo PR band of brothers and sisters who help each other out on a daily basis on Twitter (using the #solopr hashtag), LinkedIn, Facebook, and elsewhere. What better time to celebrate this fact than Valentine's Day? So avert your eyes if your squeamish: today I'm openly declaring my love for the Solo PR community.

Join in, and if you've been lurking, say hello in the comments! You'll find a group of some of the best PR and marketing professionals in the world (yes, Solo PR is international), waiting to offer resources in advice. Regulars: what are some examples of help you've received from your fellow solos?

Photo credit: Hailynn