3 Smart Reasons to Join Solo PR Pro Premium

Getting Started

3 Smart Reasons to Join Solo PR Pro Premium

Sep 8, 2021 | Getting Started

3 Smart Reasons to Join Solo PR Pro Premium

Sep 8, 2021 | Getting Started

Although you may work as a solo PR pro, you don’t have to go it alone.

Maybe you’re in need of some financial advice or you want to grow your client roster. Maybe you’re desperate for some guidance about that seemingly obscure question you’ve been sitting on for two months. Or perhaps you’re butting heads with a client — how should you handle the situation?

Whatever it is you need, there’s a good chance Solo PR Pro Premium, an exclusive members-only community, has got you covered. 

The group is built for all solo PR pros — from those who are devising plans to escape their desk jobs ASAP to those who’ve been independent PR consultants for years now.

3 perks of joining the Solo PR Pro Premium community

Why would you want to join the Solo PR Pro premium community? Here are a few of the top perks members love.

1. Gain access to the private Facebook group

This is the place you’re going to want to stop by when you have a question. One of the many PR veterans in the group will be more than happy to swoop in with some advice. Or, if you’re feeling shy at first, feel free to lurk around and see what others are talking about.

You’ll find everything here. Recent posts have covered super-specific questions about COVID-19 communication protocols, questions about working with reporters and advice on how to get a client to pay a way overdue invoice.

Pro tip for the premium members: Search the Facebook group for specific keywords. With more than eight years of activity, you’ll likely find a treasure trove of advice about whatever topic is on your mind.

2. Tap into pro content, including ready-made templates

When you join Solo PR Pro Premium, you’ll also gain access to hundreds of resources built for PR pros — everything from ebooks to templates to downloadable guides.

Like the Facebook group, you can also search by specific keyword, or you can take time clicking through the various categories, which include “win new business,” “make more money” and “manage your business,” to name a few.

In the “make more money” category, for example, you’ll find a ton of different resources — everything from advice on setting rates to guides to retainer billing.

Perhaps some of the best resources here are the ready-made templates. These include templates for invoices, contracts and proposals — all with sample language included.

Pro tip for the premium members: Is something you need missing from the current library of resources? The team at Solo PR Pro will create it for you. Solo PR Pro president Karen Swim has been known to personally jump on the phone with members to walk them through a challenge or create the very resource they request. The team has a personal stake in your business.

3. Uncover new business leads + take advantage of special discounts and offers

As a member of Solo PR Pro Premium, you’ll also tap into new business leads you may not find anywhere else. Companies submit leads via the website (because they’re smart and know where to find the PR pros!). These leads range from one-time projects to longer term engagements.

The folks at Solo PR Pro also work to verify these leads, saving you a ton of time — and potential headaches. (Though, of course, it’s on you to make sure you prequalify.)

You can find these leads via the premium portal (under “Leads”), or one of the Facebook admins will share them to the group as well. Facebook members are also generous and share leads and opportunities they come across.

In addition, becoming a Solo PR Pro Premium member can potentially save you hundreds (or thousands?!) of dollars a year in services like CustomScoop and exclusive educational opportunities.

Pro tip for the premium members: Don’t forget to update your Member Listing! As a member of the premium group, you’ll want to keep this updated so prospects can easily find you and reach out.

So are you ready to become a Solo PR Pro Premium member? Join the waitlist so you’ll be the first to get notified when membership reopens!

Image courtesy of Solo PR Pro Premium member Nicole Castro, featured in the photo

Written By Karen Swim