public relations measurement

PR Measurement Challenges

Measurement in the practice of public relations is not new. We have always used data to set and measure goals, assess the effectiveness of strategies and tactics and more. However, today we have access to a plethora of data that allows us to more deeply connect our work to the organization as a whole. Yet, in a world where everything we do is measured, it is not always easy or free for public relations professionals to effectively measure results.

CARMA, a company that provides media intelligence solutions,  recently sponsored a webinar that addressed some of the common PR measurement obstacles as well as how to overcome them. We encourage you to watch the replay and commit to deepening your measurement practices in 2018. Measurement will not only demonstrate the value of the work you do but can help to inform organization-wide strategies.  Many organizations are developing or deploying ever more sophisticated enterprise programs that help them to become more granular in measuring various impacts across the company. Professionals that understand and can demonstrate the larger value of PR programs will be better positioned than those who are still struggling to “show their work.”



Have you encountered these measurement challenges? How did you address them?