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Pivot to the Positive

My good friend and leadership coach, Dr. Lori Baker Schena, advises leaders to “pivot to the positive.” More than a pithy quote or dose of “rah-rah” inspiration, it is an active, intentional choice to design the way forward. This year has taught us bad things happen, and more bad things happen, and just when you think it’s over, you’re hit with a double dose of more bad things. But as entrepreneurs and leaders, we cannot allow what is happening to become how we operate.

Pivot is both a noun and a verb. The dictionary defines it as: 

Noun: a pin, point, or short shaft on the end of which something rests and turns, or upon and about which something rotates or oscillates; verb (used without object): to turn on or as on a pivot.

As a solo PR Pro, your point has to be a strong, positive mindset. And when life knocks you from that point, you have to be able to turn toward the positive. Pivot is a verb. You are choosing a direction in which to turn. It is thoughtful and intentional. It means deciding to not be carried away by chaos and challenge but instead turning toward the actions that will help you remain steadfast.

Pivoting is not always easy. In times of high stress (hello 2020), it requires a dogged determination to do the opposite of everything around you. You can do it for your business, or your family, but you need to learn to pivot for yourself. 

It takes courage to hang a shingle and declare yourself an independent business, but even more to sustain the effort. There will always be challenges. If you can find your pivot, you may sway, but you will not fall.

You can listen to more of Dr. Lori Baker Schena’s wisdom on Episode 15 of That Solo Life.