Modern PR Series: What You Need to Know About Public Relations Today

The times they are a’changin.

If you’re working in marketing communications or PR, you’ve no doubt encountered this already. With the now fast-changing media landscape, in many ways we’re in the Wild Wild West. The rules have yet to be established, and not everyone agrees on what the future will hold.

In this atmosphere, PR-bashing has become quite a popular sport on blogs, as has pontificating about the prospects for the public relations industry as a whole. But a few key themes have emerged in recent months that have real and lasting implications for the practice of public relations and for our profession.

In many cases, there’s a lot of “inside baseball” involved in the coverage of these hot topics, as top bloggers build their case upon the writings of other thought leaders (and sometimes assume a certain amount of prior knowledge on the part of the reader). But what if you were on a mad deadline during the period a particular topic was most vigorously discussed, and missed half (or all of) the story?

This is the first in a series of posts that will strive to help, by delivering an overview of the latest insights and expert commentary. As independent PR and MarCom pros, it’s our responsibility to remain forward-looking and provide leadership to our clients. The Modern PR series will cover the critical issues that have been the source of much discussion recently, like embargoes, social press releases, PR’s reputation, and more.

I’ll look forward to hearing your responses and feedback, as well. While there may be some current prevailing wisdom on these topics, all of us in this business bring our own valuable experiences and understanding to the discussion.

Without question, this is truly an exciting time to be in PR! Those who stay abreast of the changes and adapt to the evolving climate will thrive. So, stay tuned for the next posts in the “Modern PR” series, and subscribe to Solo PR Pro to learn more about the evolution underway in the public relations business.

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