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Exclusive “Show Me the Money!” Series

How much to charge is by far the most common question for Solo PR Pros – among newbies and veterans alike. So we're excited to bring you – the Show Me the Money! course, exclusively for PRO members.

Designed to step you through the entire process toward increased profitability, each installment of this series will provide in-depth content, worksheets and advice to help you make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth.

  • Part Two: Rate Considerations and Research
    A how-to for common billing rate formulas and researching methods to discover what others are charging. By better understanding these variables, you’ll be armed with more information as you determine the rates that are right for your business.
    Show Me the Money! Part Two: Rate Considerations and Research PDF ebook (includes worksheets)
  • Part Three: Detailed Guide to Hourly Base Rates
    You know that information you’ve searched for everywhere online – the resource that will tell you exactly what others in your field are charging? This is it. This stair-step guide provides a full framework for rate levels and ranges, what you should be doing at each level, and how to move up for the greatest long-term career success.
    Part Three: Detailed Guide to Hourly Base Rates PDF ebook (includes worksheets)
  • Part Four: Project/Value Pricing, Retainers and More
    Once you've completed the steps above, learn how to move beyond hourly billing to more lucrative arrangements. This installment covers the art and science of time estimation, and outlines different types of billing structures – hourly, project, split payment, retainer, value pricing, and performance pricing – with pros, cons, and tips for each.
    Part Four: Project/Value Pricing, Retainers and More PDF ebook (includes worksheets)
  • Part Five: How and When to Raise Your Rates
    You have clients and experience but your profit margins are not quite where you'd like them to be. This installment will walk you through how and when to raise your rates with practical tips, conversation starters and answers to your most frequently asked questions.
    Part Five: How and When to Raise Your Rates PDF ebook

More Show Me the Money! installments in the coming months:

  • Part Six: Beyond Solo: How and When to Grow to Increase Profits


Lessons Learned

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