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Lessons for Communicators from a Neuroscientist

Communication professionals strive to craft client messages that will resonate with target audiences. There are many steps involved in message development including research and testing. However, campaigns can still achieve less than desired results leaving us to assess the reasons why. Further, messaging can be misperceived completely,  resulting in backlash for the brands. We understand the importance of grammar and punctuation and even word choices, but checking all the boxes does not mean that a message will be successful. Below is a presentation from neuroscientist Uri Hasson. His research on the the brain and communication has a number of insights useful to communication consultants. In a series of experiments, Hasson found that”good communication depends on speakers and listeners possessing common ground.” A simple concept that we can all miss, particularly in the echo chamber of the interwebs. This TED talk offers valuable insights on how to align messages with your audience so that you are not only heard but understood.

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