Half Price Discount on Inkybee Small Team Plan! Learn More.

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Half Price Discount on Inkybee Small Team Plan! Learn More.

Half Price Discount on Inkybee Small Team Plan! Learn More.

PrintThe Inkybee service focuses on one of the most vexing aspects of PR, digital, and social media outreach: blogger and influencer relations. It offers a suite of powerful tools for research and discovery, outreach, and reporting that includes everything from detailed blog and social media searches to influence metrics to relationship and results tracking (CRM).

There are real people behind Inkybee, and their philosophy fits in with the Solo PR Pro way of doing things – this is not a “spray and pray” kind of tool. They advocate relationships and quality over quantity, and even produced an ebook on doing blogger outreach the right way (get your copy here).

Discount Details

Solo PR PRO Premium members (both monthly subscribers and annual) receive a 50% discount on the Inkybee Small Team plan, making it $49 USD/month.

That’s right, spend $25 USD a month on Solo PR PRO Premium membership and save $50 a month on Inkybee (or, for an even better deal, join Solo PR PRO Premium as an annual member for $179 and save $450 on an Inkybee annual plan)! In addition to all the other benefits of joining Solo PR PRO Premium, the math is pretty simple, isn’t it?

For much less than the cost of what you should be charging for an hour of your time, Inkybee can save you countless hours of research, tracking and reporting on bloggers and influencers (and you can often bill the subscription fee on a monthly basis to your clients as an expense line item, if you choose to do so).


Q: This sounds too good to be true! Why is Inkybee offering members of Solo PR PRO this discount?

A: Founded by entrepreneurs, Inkybee believes in independent consultants and is supportive of our community. The founders are committed to keeping their service within reach for true indies, so they’ve made a solo version of their “small team” plan (typically for small agencies) available just for us. It’s the full service Inkybee product – just for one user. As the premier resource for independent public relations professionals, this partnership with Solo PR Pro is a perfect fit.

Q: Does Inkybee offer a free trial?

A: Yes they do, and they don’t even require a credit card for you to try it out for 14 days! Just go to http://live.inkybee.com/signup and register for the 14-day trial. Our exclusive discount doesn’t appear on Inkybee’s main pricing page, so when you’re ready to purchase just go to the members-only Solo PR PRO Special Offer page to subscribe at the half-off price.

Q: Will the price go up in the future?

Solo PR Pro members who lock in the $49 USD price will never see a price increase, as long as their subscription in both PRO Premium and Inkybee remains active.

Q: Is this a limited time offer?

No. We’re happy to say Inkybee is making the 50%-off discount available to us indefinitely. However, note that if Inkybee raises its prices in the future, the cost for new subscribers only will be 50% off the new price (e.g., if the Inkybee Small Team price increased to $119/month, the Solo PR Pro discounted price would become $59/month).

Q: How long do I have to commit to Inkybee?

A: Inkybee allows users to subscribe on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel anytime. There are also annual plans that give you 3 months free.

Q: What if I choose to cancel my Solo PR PRO subscription?

A: The Inkybee discount is only available as long as your Solo PR PRO Premium subscription remains active. Solo PR PRO membership provides an extra layer of assurance to Inkybee to prevent abuse of their generous discount offer to us.

Q: I work with subcontractors on occasion, so I don’t consider myself completely solo. Do I qualify?

A: Few of us in the Solo PR Pro community operate without help, at least on occasion. As long as you don’t have any actual employees, and you are the only one who will be using the single sign-on both now and in the future, you are welcome to join us.

Q: Can I use Inkybee for multiple clients?

Yes! You can setup up to five separate clients in the system as part of this plan.

Q: Do Solo PR Premium members share a subscription? Is it included in the price of membership?

A: No, our members do not share an Inkybee subscription, and the service is not a free part of our membership offerings. What we offer is a half-price discount on the Inkybee service, and it more than pays for the cost of membership in Solo PR Pro.

Q: Is Solo PR PRO receiving a portion of the sales of Inkybee subscriptions?

A: No. We at Solo PR PRO work to provide the tools, education, advocacy and community resources needed for communications consultants to succeed and grow – our goal is to deliver so much value, every independent communications contractor will find it a no-brainer to join Solo PR PRO Premium. Offering an easy and affordable way for members to subscribe to Inkybee is just the latest significant benefit of joining our community.

Q: Can I sign up for this deal and then share it with other indies to split the cost?

A: No. This violates Inkybee’s terms of service, and this abuse of the discount offer could impact the availability of this benefit for everyone in our community. The purpose of the discount is to make the subscription affordable for individual consultants. However, you can earn money from Inkybee by joining their affiliate program and recommending it to your network.

Q: How long does it take to get access to Inkybee?

A: Inkybee grants you access immediately upon registration.

Q: I’m sold! What do I do to get this deal?

A: Join Solo PR PRO Premium and then visit the members-only Special Offer page (if you’re already a member you can access this page right now). New members will also receive this link in their welcome email.

Still have questions? Reach out to us using our Contact form. This Inkybee offer is just one of the many benefits of joining Solo PR PRO Premium – we’d love to welcome you as a member!

Written By Kellye Crane
Kellye Crane is the founder of Solo PR Pro, which provides the tools, education, advocacy and community resources needed for indies to succeed and grow. She's a veteran and award-winning communicator with more than 20 years of experience - 19 of them solo.

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