How PR Pros Can Find Their Secret Sauce

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How PR Pros Can Find Their Secret Sauce

Oct 3, 2023 | Living the Life

How PR Pros Can Find Their Secret Sauce

Oct 3, 2023 | Living the Life

No one does PR like you. Communication professionals can learn from the same books, utilize the same tools and speak the same language, but each of us will have a unique way of practicing our craft. Running your own business illuminates those differences. You have the freedom to pull from multiple disciplines and create a business that fits you. However, at some point in the life of your business you will ultimately feel restless, bored, burned out or uninspired. When that happens it is time to take stock and discover what energizes you.

Even when you love the work, it is normal to go through periods where you don’t like what you are doing. Sometimes this can be a sign that you need a break or that you need to change up the mix of your days. It can also be a sign that certain parts of your work no longer bring you joy. The good news is that as a business owner you have full control over every single part of your work. You can remove service offerings, shift your focus, or go deep into a singular expertise.

When you leverage that unique blend of skills, passions, and experiences that only YOU can bring to the table, that is  your “secret sauce.”  When you stumble upon it, everything clicks into place. 

Have you ever caught yourself talking about something, and someone says, “Your eyes light up when you speak about that!”? That's a clue! Your secret sauce often ignites a fire within you that's visible to others. When are you in your zone, knee-deep in a task where time seems to slip away? What is that thing you discuss that people lean in and are eager to learn more? These are all signs that point you toward your secret sauce.

Take stock of these moments and pay attention to the areas that ignite your curiosity. When you are excited there is a tendency to want to dig deeper and learn more. 

There are many ways to have a successful business, but there is something special about ending the day with a deep sense of fulfillment. Sometimes you hit on that one thing that becomes your life’s work and at other times it may evolve in different seasons of your life., 

Finding your secret sauce is like discovering a hidden treasure within yourself. It's that mix of passion and talent that sets you apart, and when you find it, you'll feel like you're dancing through life, rather than trudging along. 

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Written By Karen Swim
Karen Swim is the President of Solo PR and Founder of public relations agency, Words For Hire.