Hot Posts of 2011


2011 Has been a great year for Solo PR Pro. We grew our readership (which means we’re helping more indies get the information they need) and participation in our weekly Twitter chat (thanks to everyone spreading the good word with the #solopr hash tag) expanded to include more people in related marketing communications disciplines. Our Solo PR PRO membership site was launched, and we added to our team.

With so many good things happening, it seems fitting to take a look back over some popular content here on the blog to reflect on what’s important to our community. Maybe you’ll re-discover a jewel post you’ve already enjoyed (hey – share it with someone you know!), or read a post where you can offer a fresh, constructive dissenting opinion. Let’s continue to push our smart, vibrant community of independent practitioners with thought-provoking dialogue, and lend our support with sound advice and tips.

We’re glad you’re a part of Solo PR Pro and look forward to helping you achieve even greater levels of success in 2012!

Most popular blog posts of the year

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