Help PR Pros Find a Job

PR consulting is the best life there is. In fact, just today the Wall Street Journal stated we’re in the “Age of Going Solo.”

But this month, I’m issuing a call to Solo PR Pros to participate in an upcoming Twitter event called “Help a PR Pro Out” day. (#HAPPO for short), designed to help PR job seekers locate the growing number of PR jobs that are finally becoming available.

So, why is an independent gal like me participating in this “real job” event? First, it’s being organized by Arik Hanson and Valerie Simon, two great people who have recruited HAPPO champions for all regions of the U.S.

Second, and most importantly, we solos tend to have a full rolodex of contacts at agencies and in-house PR/marketing departments – often many more than our traditionally employed brethren. Many times, we’re the first to hear about open positions and it’s not unusual for us to refer qualified folks to fill them. We’ll just be doing what we’ve always done, but on a grander scale!

On Friday, February 19, from 11 am – 3 pm Eastern time, PR pros nationwide will be tweeting  both job openings and their status as job seekers. Job seekers are encouraged to write a blog post pitching themselves to potential employers and share it on Twitter during the event on Feb. 19 using the hashtag #HAPPO.

“HAPPO Champions” are available in different regions to retweet info and help hook people up – be sure you’re following these folks, so you can know what’s available in each area:

Also, if you’re secretly seeking employment, or if you’re an employer who doesn’t want to be inundated with job seekers, feel free to use Twitter Direct Messaging to contact any of these champions for confidential handling of your information.

What do you think of this idea? Can we, as independents, play a special role in helping play job matchmaker?

Image credit: Andrew and Hobbes