Geographical Reach, Wardrobes, and more

The #solopr chat on Twitter this week once again gathered a terrific crowd of top independent PR pros, and the discussion was both informative and fun. We addressed the following questions:

1. How much credibility do you place in recommended “PR blog” lists (are they popularity contests)?

2.  How far does your geographical reach extend, either professionally or personally?

3.  Have you had any clients asking about mobile or geo-location strategies? Are they seeing you as a resource for this?

4.  What conferences will you be at this fall?

5. How important is what you wear when you're in public (w/clients or networking)? Any tips re: a #solopr wardrobe?

Definitely download the chat transcript in PDF to find out what your colleagues are saying, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

The #solopr chat – held each Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. Eastern – is a weekly ritual for some of the most savvy Solo PR Pros on Twitter. Anyone with a Twitter account is welcome to participate – see Join Us for the #solopr Chat on Twitter to find out how!