Freelance PR Consultants – 2010 is Our Year

ppl jumping -Public relations is listed as one of the top careers for 2010, and this year, consultants are in the catbird seat.

There are a number of indications that the economy is slowly picking up. In addition to a minor uptick in spending, jobless claims have fallen to 17-month low and CNN reports that “more than half (54%) of companies that froze salaries in 2009 are planning a thaw over the next few months.”

These stats may be just a ray of light for job seekers, but they’re excellent news for solo PR pros. It’s a known fact that hiring lags a recovery. So, what happens to that resource-strapped director of marketing who just got the go-ahead for a pet PR project, but hasn't been given the green light to re-hire for the positions left vacant by laid off employees? They hire a consultant to help with the workload.

The upswing for PR consulting is upon us. And with each down cycle of the economy, more people have positive experiences with consultants, which result in more opportunities long-term. 2010 is the year we show our worth – let's go get 'em!

Are you seeing any signs of the upswing? How are you making the most of the current environment?

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Photo credit:laurenatclemson