Facebook Announcement Recap Roundup

Of all the social networks, Facebook has always been the fastest-moving target, with changes and feature updates sometimes coming on a monthly – and even daily – basis. Love it or hate it, this channel continues to grow at an astonishing rate – which means it's worth investing the effort to understand where the platform is going.

Last week, Facebook made announcements that most notably included significant changes to its Groups feature. The following articles and posts, read in the order listed below, provide a high-level overview of the changes and why they're important (and somewhat controversial):

If Facebook's history has taught us anything, the company often acts first and asks forgiveness later. And sometimes when asking forgiveness, the company makes changes to whatever is deemed the horrific affront of the moment. So keeping in mind that everything with Facebook is subject to change, reading re-caps can help you know how to respond if/when your clients ask about it.

What posts have you seen that shed a helpful light on Facebook's recent announcements and developments? What would you add to the list?