Do We Have Collective Power?

We can do itThis is not your typical “vote for my panel” blog post (well, not exactly), but I do have a session in the South by Southwest (SXSW) Panel Picker this year. The Panel Picker process is often maligned as a popularity contest that requires potential speakers to pimp, which is one of the reasons I’ve never bothered to try to speak there.

I don’t have hundreds of employees or thousands of co-workers I can “encourage” to vote for my session (which many potential speakers have). But wait, do I – and my solo PR brethren – have something just as powerful?

The Solo PR Pro community is vast, supportive, and we’ve always been a band of brothers (and sisters). Collectively, surely we have as much muscle as the larger agencies and more traditionally employed!

So, let’s conduct an experiment to test this theory, by helping each other – what could you use help with? For me, I’ve proposed a SXSW “Core Conversation” on Making Money as an Agency of One, which will be an open discussion to share ideas, tips/tricks, and pitfalls to avoid. The SXSW crowd tends to include a lot of programmers, designers and others not typically involved in our Solo PR community, which could lead to a fascinating discussion where we can learn new approaches from each other.

If this sounds like a session you’d like to attend (or you think it should be part of the SXSW program), you can share your support by voting. To do so, quickly create a free account and hit the thumbs up (and comment/discuss, if you’d like) – the deadline is this Friday, September 2. Of course, if I’m speaking and go to the conference again this year, I think we should have a Solo PR meetup!

Now, what support do *you* need from the Solo PR gang? Whether you’d appreciate a “like” on your Facebook page or a follow for your new client on Twitter, all pimp-y requests are welcome in the comments below.

And, of course, if you also have a session up for vote in the SXSW Panel Picker, definitely let us know!