Consultants: Celebrate Independents’ Day!

As the U.S. prepares to observe its Independence Day holiday, it’s an excellent excuse for consultants to pause and celebrate the many joys of being independent in business.

Even in today's sometimes difficult market, being your own boss is extremely gratifying. Among my favorite perks:

  • No one else calls the shots – your fate is in your own hands
  • No soul-sucking assignments – you have the power to choose your clients, and can select only projects that interest you
  • No “calling in sick” or a measly 10 days of vacation time
  • No dress code
  • Make your own schedule, and be there for family and friends when they need you
  • No commute
  • Focus on what you do best, with no bureaucracy
  • Work where you want, when you want
  • No trying to look busy when you’re not
  • No dread on Sunday evening, knowing that another unsatisfying work week lies ahead

So happy Independents' Day to you all, wherever you reside! Let us know how you celebrate going solo in the comments. And for those in the U.S., please have a fun and safe July 4th weekend!

Photo credit: The Wandering Angel