Special Cision Discount is Here!

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Special Cision Discount is Here!

Special Cision Discount is Here!


NOTE: Cision has notified us that on April 30, 2015, it will cease offering the Solo PR PRO discounted rate. Cision will continue to write one year contracts for Solo PR PRO Premium Annual members at the significantly discounted rate until that date. Members can view more information here.


cisionMore than two years in the making, I’m happy to announce a milestone in my personal crusade to remove the ridiculous hoop-jumping previously necessary to find a workable, affordable media database solution for indies – from a reliable industry leader. Solo PR Pro annual members now have access to full Cision subscriptions that give you complete access to the product others are paying much more for – with no sharing required!

Many of us have participated in backroom media database sharing deals, which typically require you to:

  • Access the system only during certain times of day (so others in the group can use the single sign-on being shared)
  • Allow strangers to see your client-confidential lists, notes and activities
  • Scramble every year to see if existing group members will choose to re-up (and then beat the bushes to find replacement members), plus the unknowns of annually renegotiating the price
  • Worry about trusting someone you don’t know with your portion of the payment
  • Live with the fear that your “arrangement” could be revoked at any time

Cision’s special offer for Solo PR PRO members eliminates all the hassle. You will be a legitimate subscriber, know exactly how much it’s going to cost, get full access to customer support, and the subscription is yours alone.

This is not a limited time offer, nor is it a different or limited version of Cision. Discounts are available on:

  • The CisionPoint Basic Package, which provides one named user full access to Cision’s North American Media Database of media contacts and outlets (with the ability to build and save lists, export results and run reports)
  • The CisionPoint Solo Package, which provides one named user with access to the Basic Package benefits, along with complete access to all Editorial Calendars, Conferences and Trade Show Opportunities, as well as email distribution ( with 5,000 email distribution points).
  • The International Media Data package, available as an add-on to subscribers of one of the two options above this package provides access to international media contacts and outlets in nearly 200 countries and territories outside of North America.

The Terms

Please read the Cision FAQ in full for details.

The Savings

All Solo PR PRO Premium members have access to the pricing details, so feel free to ask current members what they think of the value – they got a sneak peek at this offer, and the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Here’s just some of what they’re saying:

Samantha McCoySince I began my public relations journey, I have never had access to professional software — I’ve spent countless hours digging and searching to find the right media contacts to pitch. I am so grateful to now have access to the same software that big name firms use at such a tremendous discount.  The Solo PR PRO community has been such an asset to my development as an independent PR professional. Now with Cision, I feel like the sky is the limit!” -Samantha McCoy, MissionKey Communications, LLC

Karen Swim

“To paraphrase the famous commercial, I don’t just work with Solo PR, I’m also a member! Long before I started working with Kellye, I felt Premium membership was a huge bargain for what you get. This Cision Special Offer is icing on the cake, and I’m going to be purchasing – it’s truly an amazing savings that means my very own subscription to Cision software is priced within reach for the first time. Some sharing arrangements may cost a little less, but the time and aggravation I save by having my own subscription is more than worth it to me.” -Karen Swim, Words for Hire

I believe this is a landmark moment for independent PR consultants. Whether you’re a premium member or not, hopefully you’ll agree that having this option on the table is a huge step forward in the legitimization of our way of doing business. You deserve it!

For more details and answers to common questions, check out the Cision Offer FAQ. If you're already a Solo PR PRO Premium member, view all the details here. Let us know what you think (or if you have any questions not addressed in the FAQ) in the comments!

The discount on Cision is just one of the many benefits of Solo PR PRO Premium membership – click here to learn more and join.
Written By Kellye Crane
Kellye Crane is the founder of Solo PR Pro, which provides the tools, education, advocacy and community resources needed for indies to succeed and grow. She's a veteran and award-winning communicator with more than 20 years of experience - 19 of them solo.


  1. Congrats to both Solo PR PRO and Cision on this arrangement. If I were still working, I’m sure this is a benefit I would have used.

  2. Thank you, Connie — appreciate your long-time of Solo PR (which is an understatement, since you helped me spread the word in the very beginning)!

  3. Wow thats an amazing, amazing, offer. i may can partake in a month or so 🙂

  4. Thank you, Norumba — hope you can join us!

  5. Can someone please tell the member price for Cision Solo? Tried contacting some members through email but might be faster here 🙂

  6. Hi David- we’ve responded to your posts on LinedIn and Facebook, as well. You don’t seem to be in public relations. As a reminder, this special
    offer is for new Cision subscribers only, and is only available to
    independent communications consultants needing single-subscriber access
    to Cision.

  7. Does this deal work for indies in the UK or elsewhere? Or is it only the USA?

  8. Hi Rod- we’ve double checked this with the Cision folks, and I’m afraid this offer is only available to those in the U.S.

  9. Hi, I’m a solo PR chick in showbiz who handles live rock events as well as celebs and personalities… I do EVERYTHING myself and could really use some help reasonably priced! My friend and associate Susan Hornik who writes for The Hollywood Reporter and a bunch of other pubs told me about Cision so I googled it and your page came up too! I hear it’s expensive but wondered how do I get an actual price from you guys?

  10. What happened to my comment?

  11. Hi Noelle- I’m still able to see your previous comment (above), so no worries!

  12. Hi Noelle- we Solo PR Pros sure know how to keep multiple plates spinning, don’t we?! J Because Cision doesn’t publicly post its pricing, I’m afraid our agreement with them stipulates that we can’t publicly state the discounted price. Some members discussed the value here: http://on.fb.me/1nRKpQY

    Hope that helps! Note that you can’t have a pending contract with Cision and take advantage of the discount, so that’s something to keep in mind (that is to say, don’t contact them directly and then ask for the discount). There are many reasons to join Solo PR PRO Premium: https://soloprpro.com/join – hope you can join us!

  13. Is this avail to Canadians?

  14. Sorry- just confirmed that at this time (as the deal winds down ahead of the 4/30/15 cutoff), this discount is only available in the U.S.