Twitter chat recap transcript

Chat Recap: Discounting Your Prices, Working For Free, And More

On the second Wednesday in May, we held one of our popular combined Twitter chats with the wise social media practitioners of #SMchat (learn how to join us here).  Our two groups of top communication professionals shared thought leadership, tips and advice on the following topics of interest:

  1. How do you establish value for your work? Is it based on competitors, skill set or something else? #SMChat #SoloPr H
  2. When do you discount your prices, if ever? To get/keep an account, long-term client, high volume, etc. #SMChat #SoloPr
  3. Is it ever ok to do work for free? What’s an example of a situation where you’d provide free work? #SMChat #SoloPr
  4. On the other hand, what if your value is higher than the market? Do you justify the differences? How? #SMChat #SoloPr
  5. What are your best tips and tricks for getting what you're worth? #SMChat #SoloPr

A few of the top tweets are highlighted below (followed by a link to the full transcript):

Be sure to check out the transcript in PDF for the full discussion. Please note that the transcript is in reverse chronological order. If you weren’t able to join us this week, weigh in on the chat questions in the comments!