Chat Re-cap: PR Tricks and Treats

During the October30 #solopr Twitter chat, independent communications professionals were full of PR tricks and treats as we discussed the following topics of interest:

jackolantern- smile

  1. What tool did you think would be a treat, but turned out to be tricky? #solopr
  2. On your blog, how can you share a link to someone else’s content without “spooking” them? Accepted way to give credit?#solopr
  3. What’s the scariest situation you’ve been in as a #solopr pro, and how did you handle? Boo!
  4. Very important as an indie: how do you treat yourself? #solopr
  5. If your business was a Halloween monster, what kind would it be and why? 🙂 #solopr

Be sure to check out the transcript in PDF for the full discussion. Note that the transcript is in reverse chronological order. If you weren’t able to join us this week, weigh in on the chat questions below!


The #solopr chat – held each Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. Eastern – is a weekly ritual for some of the most savvy Solo PR Pros on Twitter. Anyone with a Twitter account is welcome to participate.