Can You Leave Your Job to Consult Today?

To me, being a PR/MarCom consultant is the greatest job in the world. I'm so passionate about the virtues of working for yourself versus someone else, I started this blog!

But I don't advocate everyone take the leap willy nilly. The truth is there are times when a look before you leap strategy might serve you best. As noted in that earlier post, this doesn't mean you can't be successful or go out on your own during this phase in the economy. You can! It’s just that different times call for different measures.

We've talked about the exciting consulting opportunities available for those who've experienced a layoff, but what about someone who is currently employed?

I recently asked the Twitter community, “Independent PR pros: what would you say to someone considering leaving a job right now to become a PR freelancer?”, and some of my wise and witty friends weighed in:

Rachel Kay rachelakay @KellyeCrane From my short term as a freelancer – have a $ cushion. You cannot predict anything.

Marivic Valencia techpr @KellyeCrane I'd say (from experience) plan a multi-stage ramp-up before jumping. Then go!

JMLaw JMLaw @KellyeCrane Have a client lined up. Good advice anytime, but especially now when the market is even more uneven than usual.
Lori Scribner LScribner @KellyeCrane Lots of opps out there for consultants. Recommend getting out, make connections and using PR skills to market yourself.
Rachel Kay rachelakay @KellyeCrane Oh also have a logo created. You can't have anything else – cards, Web site, anything w//out it. First thing I did.
Gregg Perry GreggPerry @KellyeCrane there is work to be done, and those who can offer senior-level experience and value have a leg up. That said, scary to let go.
Danny Brown DannyBrown @KellyeCrane Stay friends with your co. (they may contract u in future); have money for 6 mths without pay; network network network!!
Rockstarjen_night_normal rockstarjen @KellyeCrane let people know you're making the leap as early as you can. you'll want those referrals BEFORE you're looking for them.
Jeff Pizzino PRjeff @KellyeCrane Depends on the job. Employment doesn't mean job security. It's great to be in control of your own destiny.
zackery zakmo @KellyeCrane be aggressive.
Danny Brown DannyBrown @KellyeCrane And have a rack full of wine for the doubting times 😉

What do you think? If you're one of those thinking about becoming a consultant, what are your thoughts on the matter (feel free to comment anonymously). If you're a freelancer, how would you advise a friend considering this career path right now?