5 Solos Share Their No. 1 Business Goal for 2023

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5 Solos Share Their No. 1 Business Goal for 2023

Dec 20, 2022 | Living the Life

5 Solos Share Their No. 1 Business Goal for 2023

Dec 20, 2022 | Living the Life

Just because you’re a solo PR pro doesn’t mean you’re in this alone. There’s a whole community of like minded people you can lean on to achieve your goals.

In this series, we ask five Solo PR Pro Premium members to share their best tips, tricks and resources for managing their solo business.

5 solo PR pros share their No. 1 business goal for 2023

We asked our panel of solo PR pros to share one of their business goals for the year ahead.

1. Kathy Casciani, Azul Communications

My #1 goal for 2023 is to introduce some new resources for founders and small business owners who are just starting out in their PR journey: namely an email newsletter and a course.

I’ve worked for agencies most of my career and the majority of my clients have been midsize to large businesses with ample budget to hire a full-service agency. 

As a solopreneur, I serve a segment that is looking to leverage the power of PR but may have more limited resources. Some of these companies can hire a solopreneur or contractor, and I’ll continue to pursue those opportunities, but I’m also planning to add some coaching and resources for emerging consumer goods and services businesses that may opt to keep PR in house and do it themselves. This will also help me add an additional revenue stream or two. 

2. Michael Ares, MDA Corporate Marketing, LLC

Heed the warning “Be careful what you wish for.”

Not so much heed — it’s too late for that — but rather, deal with the implications of achieving last year’s goal as reported here, which was to focus my time and energy on serving primarily a select few long-term clients.

Yes, I am now the proverbial chasing dog that actually caught the car.

I focus on thought leadership writing for corporate executives, faculty and other leaders in higher ed, technology and global manufacturing. Each assignment requires defined blocks of uninterrupted time — writing time. And each person, each topic, each audience and each tone is different.

I’ll be working on segmenting my time each day into larger blocks devoted to a particular client project exclusively. The work simply demands it

Stay tuned to see how that goes… 😊

3. Jodi Echakowitz, Boulevard Public Relations

My primary goal for 2023 is to bring an operations person on board to help me manage the day-to-day activities of the business. But this is not your ordinary operations person — it is someone who not only has an entrepreneurial mindset but also deep PR experience, great writing skills, and the ability to oversee multiple client accounts. 

While I have a fantastic virtual team, the ability to grow the business is based on my own capacity. Currently, I’m involved in every client account, but this is not sustainable. While I love deep diving into the strategies we develop and implement for each client, I need to balance my own workload so that I can work more on the business vs. only working in the business. 

4. Nicole Castro, Nicole Lauren Consulting

My number one business goal in 2023 is to get comfortable with saying no and setting healthy boundaries with clients. I want to work with great clients who respect boundaries, and in order to do that, I want to get comfortable turning down work and clients that are not a good fit for me. 

Going into 2023, if the work doesn't add value to my professional or family life, I should pass on it.

5. Marcia Gomez, Blank Canvas Communications

My biggest hurdle in 2022 was knowing when to bring in additional help. This is the overarching goal for 2023 — finding the right balance between doing it myself and knowing when it is better to bring in help. 

My second goal is to increase my rate for incoming clients, so that they are more in line with other solos and industry norms. 

Finally, I plan on taking a breath and enjoying the successes a little bit more.

We want to hear from you! Share your 2023 business goal with us. Leave your response in the comments section below or tag us on social media using #solopr.

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Solo PR is a membership community for independent/freelance professionals in public relations, social media and related fields. The Solo PR staff includes Editor, Jessica Lawlor and President, Karen Swim.


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