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How to Build a Name for Yourself

A lot of consultants (PR, social media, and others) come on strong to build a name for themselves, and then flame out. In some cases it may be because they can’t walk the talk, for others perhaps the intensity of their self-promotion can’t be sustained long-term. Those with staying power are less concerned about raising their profile, and more focused on building a reputation.

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Is a Business Coach for You?

As a follow-on to last week’s guest post, Let Your Conscience (or Business Coach) Be Your Guide, Charity Lacey (the post’s author) suggested we have her “Jiminy Cricket” as a guest on the #solopr Twitter chat. Never one to back down from an experiment, I invited...

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Work from Paris? Oui!

PR Consultants really can work from anywhere, and when it comes to enjoying this career path there's nothing better than mixing it up a bit. Take Valerie Chereskin, who I met at the PRSA International Conference, and who successfully spent a full month in Paris: It...

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