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Pro Downloads: 2014 Solo PR Summit Content

Exclusively for members of Solo PR PRO Premium, we're happy to provide you with the bulk of the content from the info-packed 2014 Solo PR Summit! The collaborative note-taking shared via the tweets on Twitter provide us with a lasting archive of the high points of...

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Top Challenges Facing Solo Pros

When you make the leap to a solo career, you don’t have to go it alone. While independent pros may not have on-site coworkers, we have the opportunity to tap into our Solo PR Pro colleagues’ broad diversity of experiences and perspectives – a pool of talent from...

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Pro Tip: Work Only When You’re 100%

Have you ever tried to work with someone who's mentally only half paying attention? If you have, then you know it's usually better if that person had actually taken some time off and come back when they're fresh. Many self-employed professionals (not just in PR) try...

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Pro Tip: New Client Relationships

The first 1-2 weeks of a new client engagement is the most important – it can set the tone for your entire working relationship long-term. While it’s tempting to fall back on the fact that you’re in a transition period, the old cliche is true: you never get a second...

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Pro Tip: Don’t Ask , Know!

It may sound like a no-brainer, but perhaps one of the most important skills a Solo PR Pro should cultivate is to be resourceful. There will always be valid questions, but before asking a client or colleague how to do something, Google it first. If they ask you to use...

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