Announcing Our New Community Specialist

Today is a big day for Solo PR Pro – the excellent Heather Rast joins the team as our Content and Community Specialist. Most of what she’s doing will be behind the scenes, as we work on some big things for you (stay tuned!). A fellow solo, I asked Heather to share her thoughts upon joining the team.

Solo pros, is there room for one more on this journey?

Like many solopreneurs, I started my business on the side, freelancing for a few years while safely tucked under the wing of full-time employment.   About a year ago, I made the leap.

Since then, I’ve packed at least four years post-secondary education into figuring out the ins and outs of running a small business. More than once I’ve had moments of panic; an equal number of times, I’ve done the Snoopy dance around my home office, bursting with fresh pleasure at a new contract or project.  Sound familiar?

Joining Kellye and the crew of Solo PR Pro is one of my fist-pumping occasions. On the technographic ladder of the #SoloPR community, I’ve hovered around the “Spectator” rung, reading the newsletter and occasionally jumping in a chat here or there, enjoying the community’s topics, knowledge flow, and the camaraderie. This opportunity to work with Kellye will undoubtedly help increase my involvement in the Solo PR Pro community as I research issues, write, and share what I’ve learned.

Few people get to actively work on programs that feed their interests, advance their business, and help them grow professionally. I look forward to all the Solo PR Pro community has to teach me, and thank you all in advance for your generosity!


Heather is Principal of Insights & Ingenuity, a boutique digital marketing agency. Heather builds brands by planning and producing thoughtful content that helps grow rewarding online communities.  She’s involved in several vibrant groups and organizations around the web, including Social Media Explorer, Workshifting, and MarketingProfs. Get acquainted through Twitter or Facebook.