Advice on Setting Fees [video]

What do you charge? How do you set your fees? These are the most daunting – and among the most important – questions PR consultants ask. Though a one-size-fits-all answer would be nice, unfortunately there isn't one. There are many variables that go into setting the best rate for you, which is why even veteran PR consultants grapple with this issue on an ongoing basis.

This week on the Solo PR PRO Premium membership site, as everyone prepares for 2012, we've released Part One of a multi-part series called Show Me the Money!, which steps members through the process of managing expenses, setting rates, and maximizing profits with multiple 20+ page ebooks, worksheets and templates. Being able to produce resource-intensive courses like this is why we launched the Premium site in November, so we're excited to birth this baby!

As we worked on this course, we've identified some of the most common mistakes consultants make when setting their fees. I had a chance to sit down with Show Me the Money! co-author, Jenny Schmitt (@Cloudspark on Twitter) and chat about this critical topic. (note: there were technical difficulties and the video on my end wasn't recorded, but that's OK — Jenny is the one you want to see!)

If you can't see the video, you can watch it on YouTube here.

Do you agree? What mistakes have you seen consultants make, and what issues do you still struggle with when it comes to setting your rates?

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