A Year in Review – The Top 5 Solo PR Pro Posts of 2013

most popular stampThis year we gave you tips, tools and templates to help you start, manage and grow your solo business. You read, clicked, commented and downloaded in response. Before the ball drops on 2013, we look back at the most popular posts of the year. Whether you are reading them for the first time or reviewing again, there is plenty of practical advice to help you with your resolutions for a rocking 2014. Take a look!

The Best Content and Social Media Calendar Templates

Communications professionals must manage content and the conversations around it. This task is made easier with a repository of Conversation Calendar Templates. These three calendar approaches work best to manage updates in most client situations.

They Said “Yes!” – What To Include In Your PR Proposal To Get Them To Say Yes

There’s cause for celebration when we’ve proposed to the right client (one that aligns with our work style, expertise and budget) and hear “Yes” in return. However, before you propose a business deal you will want to “date” your prospect and get to know them a little better. With an understanding of the client’s needs, interests and business environment you will be able to craft a proposal that will get them to say “yes!”

Top 10 Ways to Find Clients

Most successful solos will tell you that networking is crucial to your long term viability as an independent consultant. You don’t have to attend every Chamber of Commerce meeting to make – or reinforce – valuable connections. Here are 10 proven methods to network that will help yield quality clients and relationships for years to come.

How to Charge for PR Consulting Services

If there’s one key question for freelance PR consultants, both newbies and veterans alike, it’s this one. While there is no one-size-fits all solution or approach, over the years we've addressed many aspects of this complex question here on the blog. This post compiles a roundup of our top posts on the topic of setting rates and structuring fees for maximum profit.

44 Tools for the PR Consultant’s Toolbox

Technology has made it easier than ever for small fries like us to provide big-league service. There is a dizzying array of Web-based applications that you can use in your solo business. Check out 44 of the most helpful tools for productivity, business management, writing, media relations, monitoring, collaboration, presentation/images, and just for fun.

These posts share a common theme – all deliver practical advice and resources for the independent consultant. What post ranks as your favorite? What topics would you like to see covered in 2014? Tell us in the comments!