Blogging street cred sign

A Style for Every Blogger

Today we can create our own broadcasts from a smartphone, tell visual stories with the click of a button and catch Pokemon wherever we go. This may lead us to wonder if good old blogging still has a place. Amid video, emojis and text speak, the written word remains a powerful way to educate, share information and tell stories. Blogging is an effective way for independent consultants to connect with their target audience, demonstrate mastery of their craft and generate leads. While many independent consultants understand the benefits it can be daunting to plan and manage your own blog.

This presentation from the always insightful Rohit Bhargava outlines 25 styles of blogging, the difficulty of each and how and when to use them. Independent consultants can use this to determine their style, and/or select multiple styles to begin to build out an editorial calendar. Whether you are a new or lapsed blogger, this presentation can help you to find the style(s) that fits you best and take the first step onto the road to blogging.

Have you tried any of these styles? What worked best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Photo via Gideon Burton