7 Tools to Help You Showcase Your Social Media Presence

Getting Started

7 Tools to Help You Showcase Your Social Media Presence

Oct 22, 2013 | Getting Started

7 Tools to Help You Showcase Your Social Media Presence

Oct 22, 2013 | Getting Started

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Social media has become an integral tool for independent communication professionals and their clients. Most professionals use more than one platform to reach their audience adding to the challenge of managing and promoting a social presence.

Fortunately there are tools to help you present a cohesive social presence and strategically tie together disparate social streams. Some tools provide ways to show these combined conversations on your website or blog, which can increase engagement and time on site. In fact, a Livefyre study showed that 73% of their survey respondents use some form of real-time, social application on their website and of those, 88% increased user engagement with their brand as a result.­­

Below are 7 tools that help you to centralize your social media presence and unify disparate networks into a cohesive social stream. All tools presented are free but some also have premium paid versions.

 1. Brand Yourself (Free DIY version)

Brand Yourself centralizes your social media links and gives you control over your digital reputation. You submit the links you want and Brand Yourself gives you steps to make those profiles and or links rank higher in Google search results.

2. About.Me (Free)

Use About.Me to create a central point of contact for all of your social media profiles. Visitors do not have to sign up to see your About.Me profile making it a perfect tool to promote your social media presence, especially for those who don’t yet have a website or blog. Create an About.Me for brand spokespersons, or key stakeholders. Use the profile in place of multiple icons in email signatures, and marketing collateral.

3. Totally Dot (Free)

With Totally Dot you can centralize your social updates. Create a public front page that integrates social updates from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and more. Totally Dot also allows you to create Pinterest style boards around a specific topic which can be a good tool to add to client campaigns or to showcase multiple products and services.

4. Vizify (Free/ Premium $15 month or $120 annual)

Vizify turns your social data into an interactive bio. It integrates data from Twitter, Facebook and your input to create a slick visual bio.  Vizify also creates a Twitter movie from your tweets, top influencers, top tweets and photos. Use for personal branding or for client speakers and/or key executives.

5. Flavors Me (Free / Premium $20/year)

Flavors.Me allows you to unite all of your social media into one customizable profile. You get interactive audio and video and full screen photos in a customizable display. Can be used with an existing domain or you can purchase a new one through Flavors.

6. Rebel Mouse (Free / Enterprise must request quote)

Rebel Mouse gives you a way to organize all of your social steams into a single social website, which you can showcase on their site or easily embed in a website or blog. We used this tool at the SoloPR Pro Summit in 2014 to organize all of the social mentions of the event into one organized social site. Rebel Mouse recently introduced an Enterprise version that enables brands and publishers to create dynamic digital content hubs and content-driven marketing campaigns.

7. Tint (Basic version is free)

Bring all your social feeds together in one social hub that can be integrated onto a website, Facebook page or mobile app. Tint can be used for client contests or to serve up fresh content on a website.

These tools can allow you to creatively curate multiple social streams and support client events and campaigns, but just a reminder: you don’t own your presence on social networks, so these tools are not a replacement for an owned/branded web presence, such as a website or blog (Posterous is fairly recent example of what can happen in the wild world of social). That said, if you’re already doing the work to actively participate in social media, you might as well show it off!

Are you using any of these tools in your social media strategy? Let us know, and please feel free to share your own links and examples in the comments!

Image courtesy of kanate at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Written By Karen Swim
Karen Swim is the President of Solo PR and Founder of public relations agency, Words For Hire.


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