7 Things to Leave in 2019

We are in the last month of this decade. I know, mind blowing, right. As we head into 2020 and a brand new era, there are a few things that Solo PR pros need to leave in 2019.

  1. Self doubt. You are good enough and yes you deserve to be paid whatever you charge. End of debate. Stop doubting yourself and start embracing your fabulousness.
  2. Underpricing your services. Speaking of getting paid… You are probably not charging enough. In the traditional workforce, your experience typically equates to more earning power. However, far too many solos treat moving from traditional employment to owning a business like a lateral move, or worse, a demotion. Even if you are new to owning a business, you still possess the knowledge, skills and abilities that allow you to solve client problems. As we enter the next decade, commit to pricing your services (PRO Members Resource) like a boss and not a junior level employee. 
  3. Lack of structure. You set up shop, and it does not matter if it is in a fancy downtown office or a cozy nook in your home. You are running a business and it’s time to take it seriously. Create systems so that you are not recreating the wheel. Your business should have documented processes and a structure to how you work, even if you are truly solo. The benefit is that you will be more efficient and if you decide to expand, you will be ready to train your new team member.
  4. Bad clients. Clients that are abusive, refuse to take counsel, devalue your work or don’t pay are not worth your time. Most clients are good, but the bad ones happen to all of us. Use the lessons of past bad experiences to work with clients that will respect you and your work.
  5. Unfulfilling work. You worked hard to build your business, so it can be hard to admit that some aspect of your work (or your entire business) is no longer what you want. If you no longer want to offer a particular service, ditch it or partner with another solo who specializes in that area. Look at what is making you unhappy and change it. You can pivot away from PR entirely or close shop and return to a traditional job. Many solos have made that decision. It can be scary, but don’t allow fear to keep you from having a fulfilling career.
  6. Failure to celebrate. We may not realize all of the ways our work is celebrated until we are left to do it on your own Without an annual 360 review, or colleagues to congratulate you on the victories along the way, it is easy to forget to celebrate your successes. As we enter this new decade, commit to patting yourself on the back. Give yourself a bonus, grab another solo or two and have a celebratory lunch, get creative but commit to giving the moment its due. 
  7. Going it alone. Being a Solo PR Pro does not have to be a lonely pursuit. Join Solo PR Pro and you will have an entire community that will celebrate your successes, support you in the tough times, and just be there when you need someone to listen. 

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash