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5 Things to Do Before Year End

As we near the end of 2019, you may have already done your budgeting, tax planning and conducted (or scheduled) year-end client reviews. However, here are 5 things that you may not have considered that you should do before the end of the year.

  1. Review your wins and losses. Doing a win-loss review will help you to fine tune your targeting and proposals. It will also help you to clearly identify the common elements of what works well for you and do more of that.
  2. Do a time audit. How did you spend your time this year. This can be a big picture overview where you examine how many hours you worked overall (a good measure to determine how you meet income goals) or a deeper analysis by looking at specific tasks. If you use a service like RescueTime, you can get a year-end snapshot that will yield info on how you spent your digital time. The key is to look critically at how you spent time, so that you can determine how you want to spend time. Are there repetitive tasks that you can automate or delegate to a VA or subcontractor? Are there areas that you can eliminate from your services?
  3. Assess your client roster. Go through your current clients and identify clients that you want to keep, clients that you can grow and clients that you would like to replace. This is not about ranking clients based on budget but on their value to you. You can have a smaller client that is worth more than a larger one because you love the work, and the client does not utilize a lot of your resources. This proactive assessment allows you to be in control of the work you do, and who you serve in the next year.
  4. Ditch the ghosts of clients past. When client engagements end, we may unknowingly hold on to physical and/or digital remnants. If you keep physical files, you can box and store them away from current files. Digital files can be transferred to a hard drive. Make sure you are no longer the admin on social accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn company pages. Remove, or ask to be removed from Google Analytics accounts. While there may be things you need to keep for legal or tax reasons, don't hold onto anything that is unnecessary.

We'd love to hear from you. Have you done any of these things yet? What else would you add to the list. Drop a comment below and let's discuss!

Photo by Essentialiving on Unsplash