10 Steps to Writing Content that Gets Read [Infographic]

Solo and solo plus communication consultants are often involved in client content production from developing the strategy to writing and amplifying the content. Our goal is to ensure that client produced content aligns with their branding and resonates with their target audience. Producing good content requires more than top-notch writing skills but understanding your audience and your competition. This infographic from SmartBlogger presents a nice visual checklist of 10 steps to produce all types of content from blog posts to white papers.  You can use it as a client education tool to help outline what will be needed to produce content that people want to read. It is also a good resource to keep you on track when you are tasked with content marketing.  Whether you are writing a social media ad or thought leadership article, you want to create content that will not only be seen but read.

We'd love to hear your feedback. How does this compare to your current process? Is there anything that you would add?

The Epic Content Cycle Infographic

The Epic Content Cycle Infographic from SmartBlogger.com