Work from Paris? Oui!

PR Consultants really can work from anywhere, and when it comes to enjoying this career path there's nothing better than mixing it up a bit. Take Valerie Chereskin, who I met at the PRSA International Conference, and who successfully spent a full month in Paris:

It can be done! Have you ever been creative in where and how you worked? What's your dream?

  • You stole my dream. Kidding, except I'd want to go and live there longer.

    As a solo MarComm (public relations, social media, design) consultant, “Have laptop, will travel” is my motto when traveling. I take workations, only rarely ever being unreachable. Email, Skype, other tools are available from anywhere, projects can be delivered. Glad to see you were able to make it work.

  • You're right, Davina. I often think it's a good idea for us to work from an interesting location, just to remind us that we can.

  • marydemingbarber

    I always tell people one of the great things about being solo is I get to do the work I want to do when I want to and the way I want to. What a great example of why I can add “where I want to” to that list.

  • I love that, Mary — might have to “borrow” your expression sometime!

  • MicheleBaker

    How fun to be in Paris for a month! Great story Valerie! My PR colleague and I went to Lake Tahoe for 3 weeks with laptops, phones & printers – and worked in the morning and skiied in the afternoons! It was fantastic!

  • ramintatsopelas

    I worked while traveling in Central America for the whole month. Worked from hotels, beaches, people's apartments… I love my job as a PR consultant! Raminta Tsopelas, NYC

  • livna_levram

    So what's next Valerie? Italy, Israel, Spain…Start planning. 🙂