The Reality of Technology Overwhelm

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The struggle is real when it comes to technology and solo PR pros. We have a plethora of apps, subscriptions, and tools that we use in the course of work. It can be overwhelming to keep up with it all. In a previous post, we discussed how to evaluate if you need technology to solve a problem. Even in the digital age, sometimes the low-tech solution is the best of all (Hello Moleskin notebook!). We advised asking the following questions before you purchase, download or sign up for new technology:

  • Do I have a solution? You may already have a tool or process that delivers what you need.
  • Is there a technological solution?
  • What are others in my industry using? All tools were not created for all industries. It is helpful to get evaluations from people who do what you do. (Tip: The Solo PR Pro Facebook Group is the perfect place to crowdsource solutions!)
  • Will this fit with my work style? If you work from multiple locations you may need a solution that is mobile or cloud based. As you evaluate solutions think through how it will align with the way you work.

If your questions lead you to technology, talk to others who are using similar solutions to determine the right fit for your needs and workflow. Keep in mind that no one solution will solve every problem. Prioritize your needs so that you can effectively evaluate. Finally, once per quarter or at least bi-annually, evaluate what you are using. Your needs may have changed and technology evolves. You may find that a go-to solution is no longer needed and you can free up digital space and/or money by clearing out the clutter.

How do you prevent technology overwhelm? Share your thoughts in the comments or on social media using #solopr.


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Photo via Unsplash | Nikko Macaspac