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Shannon Diederich
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Concetto Group
Denver/CO, United States
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Concetto Group creates and implements strategic communications programs and tools that help organizations evolve. Our team has worked in agency and corporate settings for a variety of Fortune 500s, small-to-medium companies, industry associations and nonprofits for nearly 25 years. We have extensive expertise in health care, sustainability and environmental communications. Our communications capabilities include:

Strategic Planning & Counsel: Effective strategic planning articulates where you are headed and how best to get there. Concetto Group maps out your priorities, objectives, strategies, messaging and tools required to ensure your message is received and acted upon. We help move your business forward – strategically.

Research & Analysis: We help you benchmark communication campaigns or performance against peers, assess stakeholder perceptions, or test messaging or channels to close gaps, improve relevance and evolve.

Stakeholder Engagement: We gather insight into what matters most to those people impacted by what you do and say. We help you forge stronger relationships and understanding with those who affect your success.

CSR/Sustainability Reporting: We showcase your values in action and facilitate improvement by publicly disclosing organizational performance. We help your stakeholders understand your business priorities, progress being made and your future plans.

Content Creation: We increase awareness, understanding and alignment, as well as influence behaviors through targeted content development.
Content Refinement: We scrutinize content to ensure it meets communication objectives, reinforces key messages, adheres to style guidelines, is easily understood and interesting to read.
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